16-bit computer
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Author: Maarten Vandenbrande

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First try at making a computer inspired by Ben Eater and hopefully improve what he started (url to his playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLowKtXNTBypGqImE405J2565dvjafglHU )TIP:If you're trying to make Ben Eathers 8-Bit computer and you're struggling with the bus connections, do as i did and put 2 Tri-State's (instead of one) back to back with the same "enable" input this seems to stop the program from freaking out.
update:The 16-bit computer is almost done. I still want to make my own ALU and add a compare mode to it so i could do conditional jumps. Also the instruction register needs some more instructions like save to ram ect.

Created: Dec 14, 2019

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


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Hey i was making my own 16 bit computer because of the same video! We are the only 2 that have made one i think. and on the same day i think. a bit ago i didn't even see yours XD https://circuitverse.org/users/17603/projects/54486
Posted on Feb 23 2020 at 04:58AM UTC.