rixis emperor r2(discontinued in favor of combinox series)
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Author: Rixis

Forked from: Rixis/rixis emperor r1 !!!!!!!!DO NOT USE, IT IS BROKEN!!!!!!

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This computer is discontinued in favor of combinox series 

Instructions on use: 

Make sure you set the clock speed to as low as you can. First connect the desired EEPROM into the program socket. The double click the reset button on the user interface panel. Finally, turn it on using the on button.

Description of EEPROMS(discontinued in favor of combinox series):

Blank: This is a blank slate that you can code on. 

Jump Showcase: This uses the jump command to turn on and off the hex display in an infinite loop

Display Stepper: This detects whatever is being inputted on the input stepper and displays it on the hex display.

Created: Oct 16, 2023

Updated: Jan 20, 2024


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