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circuitverse circuits communicate via telnet?

Created by SJP4 • 1 month ago
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On  Jun 14, 2024

Basically, I have been wondering what if circuitverse got a new circuit element that allowed different projects open in circuitverse to communicate. Telnet could be used for cool things like circuitverse computers communucating with eachother.

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Mariah Carey

On  Jun 29, 2024

@wordle Integrating telnet or any form of network communication directly into CircuitVerse circuits would indeed open up a whole new range of possibilities for simulation and interaction between different projects. It could enable simulations of networked systems, distributed computing scenarios, or even collaborative projects where circuits can communicate in real-time.

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Ella Butler

On  Jul 17, 2024

@baldi's basics I don't know exactly what will happen, but I do know that digital logic circuits can be created and tested using CircuitVerse, which is an open-source and free-to-use platform.

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su xeko

On  Jul 19, 2024

I believe that your concept will be emulated and employed to motivate the development of numerous additional ideas due to its originality and brilliance. quordle

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