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Latch Rs
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Bascules, Additionneur, Decodeur
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Flips flops and latches

This is part of a project to construct a 4 BIT CPU from scratch. I will be starting with a simple NOR gate and building it up to a working model with ALU registers, RAM and ROM. I will be designing an op code and assembler to go with it. Progress and detail can be found on my blog here.

This file contains the required flip flops and latches.
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SR latch

SR lat
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D latch

SR lat
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Gated D latch
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flip flops
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Latch D

se resuelve el problema del Latch RS, ya que no existe la posibilidad de que RS sean 1 al mismo tiempo
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SR Latch

This is an SR latch. It acts like a memory cell.