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SR Flip-Flop
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simple flip-flop without clock
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Aproach to the logic of different types of Flip-Flops and their usage in the implementation of counters

Un acercamiento a la lógica que siguen los diferentes tipos de Flip-Flops y su utilización en la implementación de contadores
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JK FlipFlop using AND and NOR Gates

J-K flip-flop is nothing more than an S-R flip-flop with an added layer of feedback. This feedback selectively enables one of the two set/reset inputs so that they cannot both carry an active signal to the multivibrator circuit, thus eliminating the invalid condition.
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JK Flip-Flop using Sequential Logic
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SR Flip Flops using AND and NOR Gates
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SR Flip-Flop using Sequential Logic
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Interior de un Flip-Flop S-R