Whenver I open the circuit on ipad it displays blank Red Screen

Feedback • Asked 1 hour ago by Gaurav Parashar

I am trying to open the circuitverse on my iPad it shows a Red Screen of death. Can you please tell me why is shows like this. Details: Google Chrome version 92.0.4515.90. Ipad OS 12.5.6 Is is...

Project stuck at the loading screen

Feedback • Asked 27 minutes ago by Lucas Morais Freire

i think I did some construction that broke CV and now my circuits are glitched (some of them don't appear in the different subcircuit tabs) and I can't interact with the project elements anymore

Help! - 500 Internal Server Error

Feedback • Asked 26 minutes ago by Johan Amador

I'm having the next error with my main CV account. '500 Internal Server Error If you are the administrator of this website, then please read this web application's log file and/or the web serve...

Copy a circuit from one project to another

Feedback • Asked 4 months ago by Bruce Bergdahl

Is it possible to use or copy a subcircuit from one project for use in another? I'm looking to create a library of circuit as modules for various projects.


Feedback • Asked 1 minute ago by b



Verilog issues

Feedback • Asked 7 months ago by Jorge Eduardo Ibarra Esquer

Is there any page where you discuss the Verilog limitations, bugs, errors, etc. in CircuitVerse or any kind of documentation on the language?


為什麼circuitverse verilog 離線運行沒有問題,但是上傳之後就不能運行?

Feedback • Asked 1 minute ago by 滑翔翼之舞

為什麼circuitverse verilog 在設計時運行都沒有問題,也可以顯示功能出來。 但是,上傳分享後,都不行運行?為什麼 我的範例如下:


Regarding Error message "*500 SERVER ERRORED!, IT'S ME NOT YOU, LET'S TRY AGAIN :) Return To Homepage*"

Feedback • Asked 1 day ago by Akhilesh Verma

Dear Sir My students are facing a problem of not being able to login, following error message is prompring. *500 SERVER ERRORED!, IT'S ME NOT YOU, LET'S TRY AGAIN :) Return To Homepage* Kin...


How can I use decoder more than 1 Input

Feedback • Asked 2 days ago by Batuhan Şengül

We can use decoder with bitwidth but we can't connect more than 1 wire. Usually decoders has inputs = √output. Yes we can use decoders with bitwidth but we can't connect more than 1 wire. Anybody c...


move clock to Inputs, from sequential elements section

Feedback • Asked 3 days ago by Sandeep

clock is not a sequential element. pls move it to Inputs