Use a different color wire for open outputs

Feedback • Asked 30 minutes ago by PRL

Since you support a Buffer gate with tri-state outputs (0, 1 and open), it would be useful to use a different color wire when it’s output is open. Currently it uses dark green (the same as a 0 out...


Change “Text Direction” option to “Text Position”

Feedback • Asked 1 minute ago by PRL

The term “Text Direction” is confusion, as it implies how the characters in the text should be facing, rather than where the label should be positioned. it would be less confusing if you used “T...


Improving the ROM and EPROM elements

Feedback • Asked a minute ago by PRL

A significant improvement to the ROM and EPROM elements would be to allow loading their contents from a file. The basic idea would be to load the ROM or EPROM from an uploaded file. You could s...


Verilog issues

Feedback • Asked 2 months ago by Jorge Eduardo Ibarra Esquer

Is there any page where you discuss the Verilog limitations, bugs, errors, etc. in CircuitVerse or any kind of documentation on the language?


How do I make wire connection between devices while working on mobile.

Feedback • Asked 26 minutes ago by Vaibhav Vajpai

How to do wire connection between devices while working o mobile. And also how can I position device where I want.


I need help with final, due tonight

Feedback • Asked 3 minutes ago by Zack Burgdorf

I need to build a 7 segment display that will project my birthday, I have the a-g table done, just need help with k-mapping and designing


Clear Project

Feedback • Asked 26 days ago by Doug Pekkanen

Please move the "clear project" away from the Save Project Online Option inside the Simulator Menu. I have had a few students that struggle with mouse dexterity and they hit the wrong option.