Bitwise-only computer
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Author: SDC

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A new addition to my computer design collection, with a few ideas I've toyed around with for CPU design. I'll probably implement these ideas in my Simple Computer design later this summer, 2020. It only has bitwise operators for the core, because I wanted to challenge myself to implement a software implementation of addition and subtraction using the shifting operators.

Update 2023: After many a long year, I've finally graduated. I've decided to come back for a little while to play around with some old toys I left behind, and it looks like I had a lot to learn.

Here's a new version of this little bitwise project of mine. It's still a WIP, since I need to add more memory, but the basic idea right now is to add two binary numbers using ONLY bitwise operators and nothing else. And, this is the result. More later. Right now, you can take a look at the algorithm I'll be using on this StackOverflow page I found:,sum%20of%20a%20and%20b%20.

Created: Jul 07, 2019

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


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make a very small computer
Posted on Nov 22 2021 at 05:17PM UTC.