4x1 Multiplexer
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Author: Lester Sharma

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Multiplexer is a combinational circuit that has maximum of 2n data inputs, ‘n’ selection lines and single output line. One of these data inputs will be connected to the output based on the values of selection lines.

Since there are ‘n’ selection lines, there will be 2n possible combinations of zeros and ones. So, each combination will select only one data input. Multiplexer is also called as Mux.

4x1 Multiplexer

4x1 Multiplexer has four data inputs I3, I2, I1 & I0, two selection lines s1 & s0 and one output Y. The block diagram of 4x1 Multiplexer is shown in the following figure.

One of these 4 inputs will be connected to the output based on the combination of inputs present at these two selection lines. Truth table of 4x1 Multiplexer is shown below.


Selection LinesOutputS1S0Y00I001I110I211I3

From Truth table, we can directly write the Boolean function for output, Y as


We can implement this Boolean function using Inverters, AND gates & OR gate. The circuit diagram of 4x1 multiplexer is shown in the following figure.



Created: Jan 11, 2023

Updated: Aug 27, 2023


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