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contention error

if you change the input when input's enable is on it shows contention error message but why?
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Dragging inputs:
Steps to reproduce:
Select a node to a component
Select a body of a component

Keyboard issues:
Connect the keyboard's clock to a button, and the keyboard's output to an output line
Enter ¬ into the keyboard
The keyboard attempts to write an 8 bit number to a 7 bit line, causing a 7 bit output to attempt to display an 8 bit number, which results in nodes, wires, and the output text not rendering. 

Also, when viewing a project in fullscreen, attempting to enter text in a keyboard without viewing another subcircuit causes you to be kicked out of fullscreen.
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Original CircuitVerse JK Flip Flop had a bug that sometimes after J=1, K=1, if you tried to get J=0, K=0 it would  invert the value instead of keeping it, as would it be expected. This can be avoided by using a T Flip Flop and finite state machine logic to make the JK Flip Flop.