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Binary to Gray code conversion

The Binary to Gray code converter is a logical circuit that is used to convert the binary code into its equivalent Gray code. By putting the MSB of 1 below the axis and the MSB of 1 above the axis and reflecting the (n-1) bit code about an axis after 2n-1 rows, we can obtain the n-bit gray code.

In 4-bit gray code, the 3-bit code is reflected against the axis drawn after the 24-1-1th =8th row.


Just like Binary to Gray code conversion; it is also a very simple process. There are the following steps used to convert the Gray code into binary.

  • Just like binary to gray, in gray to binary, the 1st bit of the binary number is similar to the MSB of the Gray code.
  • The 2nd bit of the binary number is the same as the 1st bit of the binary number when the 2nd bit of the Gray code is 0; otherwise, the 2nd bit is altered bit of the 1st bit of binary number. It means if the 1st bit of the binary is 1, then the 2nd bit is 0, and if it is 0, then the 2nd bit be 1.
  • The 2nd step continues for all the bits of the binary number.