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Potential Bug?

Created by Andrew • 6 months ago
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On  Jan 26, 2024

Hello, I am trying to build some basic registers and use them to store and output data. I'm using custom D Flip-Flops which I have tested repeatedly and they work exactly as expected. However, when I try to store data in a register, it only stores for a few seconds before clearing on its own. Once again, I have checked repeatedly to make sure that the problem isn't with my circuits, but it isn't. For some reason, the data just stops being stored after a few seconds. This is very annoying, and any help on how to avoid this bug would be appreciated.

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On  Apr 14, 2024

Could you please leave the link to the project? :)

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On  Jun 06, 2024

You should check your data storage: Make sure that the data storage process is done properly. If there are any errors in this process, aa route planner data may be lost after a short time.

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su xeko

On  Jun 15, 2024

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Pishre Dryshre

On  Jun 18, 2024

Make sure that the clock signal is properly synchronized with other signals in your circuit. Otherwise, geometry dash lite data may not be stored or may not be stored correctly. Check the frequency, period, and slope of the clock to ensure that the Flip-Flop is operating as intended.

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