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Find 1011 sequence

Created by Luca • 1 year ago
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On  Mar 06, 2023

I try to simulate a sequence finder for 1011 using D Flip Flop. The output is supposed to go HIGH for 1011 but I get the output HIGH at the third digit, means when I have "101".

I publish the simulation public as "Find 1011 sequence".

Any hint would be appreciated, I might have synthetized a wrong circuit or set something umproperly.

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On  Apr 25, 2023

Scusa ma non capisco il circuito che vuoi realizzare. In caso fosse un contatore dovresti forse collegare il secondo input (non il clock) con il clock così da avere un ciclo continuo, in caso contrario mi dispiace ma non posso aiutarti.

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