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Contention Error

Created by Evan Thomas • 7 months ago
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Evan Thomas

On  Dec 19, 2023

I am building a 12 hour clock using only gates a splitter a counter and seven segment display. I keep getting contention error (1 and 3 at main) even though it was working fine before I disconnected the counter and reconnected it.

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wilkinson wilfrid

On  Jan 31, 2024

@geometry dash It seems that after reconnecting the counter, you are still encountering a contention problem in the 12-hour clock circuit. When many signals attempt to control the same circuit simultaneously and crash, an error known as a contention error occurs. To identify and fix the problem, try the following:

Verifying Connections: Verify that the seven-segment display, splitter, counter, and gate are all properly connected. Controversy mistakes can occur because to improper or loose connections.

Verify sure the signals are pointing in the correct direction. You need to make sure that the counter's output is linked to the right input on the dividers and gates. Problems can arise when signals travel down the wrong channels.

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On  Feb 14, 2024

It sounds like there might be an issue with the connection between your counter and the other components. Check for loose connections or wiring errors, especially around the counter. Sometimes, reconnecting components can introduce errors like err connection reset ( Double-check your connections and troubleshoot any potential issues there.

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On  Feb 20, 2024

@geometry dash scratch Make sure the signals are heading in the right direction. Make that the counter's output is linked to the correct input on the dividers and gates. Signals might cause problems if they go through the incorrect channels.

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On  Apr 12, 2024

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On  May 02, 2024

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On  Jun 05, 2024

Typically this will be two digital outputs, or a digital output and a logic generator. drift hunters

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