WIP 2 Digit Keyboard Based Calculator
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My WIP CalculatorCurrently It can only add or subtract two 2 digit numbersTo input an equation, click on the keyboard to select it, and type your equation, example: 9+4 or 9-4After this, wait for a few seconds and the answer should appear on the 3 7 segment displays on the very right
Now there are some things I would LOVE some help with if you could1.  I need a way to convert 4 digit numbers into raw binarySo basically I need a way convert either the BCD format of, say, 9292 into a raw binary 9292OR I need a way to combine a raw binary 92 and another raw binary 92 into again a raw binary 9292I could multiply one of those sets by 100, but I dont know how to do that:( (might also need help with that...)
2. For a larger memory, what bit size should I use per entry, and how can I make it know that a memory already has something stored and to use another oneAnd a problem with that, how can I make it know which memory addresses store the information it needs to use?Anyways, hopefully thats all for now, please if you can reply in the comments or something, as im a bit lost here:)Thanks!

Created: Jan 30, 2019

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


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I cannot help much, but I can give advice. You can tell if something is wrong with your circuit if there is a red circuit line. Also, there is an adder located under “misc.” I also know how to convert binary to 7 segments (search Binary Calculator, look for my username) EDIT 1: Just know that 1 character = 8 bits of binary... A decent calculator has 10 digits... Not sure if you have a main circuit... If you want to have button inputs, then you’ll need a sub circuit to multiply a previous number by ten and add the number inputted.
Posted on Oct 17 2019 at 01:11AM UTC. Last modified by Crosbyman64 on Oct 17 2019 at 01:48AM UTC.
I have recently done a 2 bit, 4 bit and 8 bit adders, the last one with capability of subtracting in CA2. Also I have done a 2 bit, 4 bit and 8 bit RAM of 2 registers and a 2bit and 4 bit comparators. I was planning to make a simple computer but I have problems with the ALU designing because I'm not sure of how to implement the multiplication operation. You may use them if you want.
Posted on Dec 20 2019 at 01:33PM UTC.