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MOD 10 up Counter

MOD 10 up Counter

A MOD-10 up asynchronous counter is a digital circuit that counts in base-10 (decimal) using flip-flops and asynchronous inputs. The "MOD-10" designation indicates that the counter will reset to zero after reaching the count of 10. The term "up" signifies that the counter increments its count sequentially from 0 to 9. Asynchronous inputs allow for individual flip-flops to trigger a reset, enabling flexible control of the counting sequence.

When connected to a seven-segment display, the MOD-10 up asynchronous counter can visually represent the count in decimal digits. A seven-segment display consists of seven LED segments arranged to display numeric characters (0-9). Each digit of the counter's output is decoded and mapped to the corresponding segments of the seven-segment display, creating a visual representation of the current count.

This combination of a MOD-10 up asynchronous counter and a seven-segment display is commonly used in digital electronics for applications such as digital clocks, timers, and other devices where a visual representation of numeric values is required.