STRING3000 running dot mover arounder emulator 2.0
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Author: SJP4

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I have programmed a new version of Dot Mover Arounder Emulator. This emulator is like the old one, however you can load and save a position on the screen. For now, there will only be one slot to save on, so you can only save one position at a time, but I may expand the slot count later. This program only works with 3000 series+ string CPUS and up because the previous series don't support the same ALU opcodes and don't support the "save loaded" instruction. If you were to run the new emulator on the 2000 series CPUS, it would run normally just without the ability to save positions.

How to load and save:

To save your current position, enter 1 into the keyboard.

To load the saved position, enter 2 into the keyboard.

Make sure you move around on both axis since the program will only update an axis when you move on it.

Created: Jul 23, 2023

Updated: Nov 18, 2023


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