Custom 16 Bit CPU Test 27
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Author: Sanderokian Stfetoneri

Forked from: Payton/Custom 16 Bit CPU Test 27

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Overclocking other people's computers since I guess that's just what I do now. 

This computer is pretty heavy in terms of execution, and I could only overclock it to 320 pulses per second, and since each instruction takes two pulses, it can execute 160 instructions per second. Had I bothered to add the fast execution to both edges of the clock, it would have doubled the execution speed to 320, comparable to the Femto-4 running without graphics (and probably without the extra heavy ALU instructions, though I haven't really tested it). As usual, you can find an explanation this tech here:

Created: Jan 13, 2021

Updated: Apr 05, 2021


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