64 Bit Full Adder
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Author: Satvik Ramaprasad

Forked from: jbox1/64 Bit Full Adder

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Just so you know, I take no credit for any of this, I mearly "improved" the previous design :P

 So we had a 1 bit adder. That overflowed pretty quickly. Then we had a 4 bit adder, which overflowed too. Then we had a 16 bit adder, but ultimately, it too overflowed. So, ladies and gentlemen, I took 4 16 bit adders and combined them to make a 64 bit full adder!

 Some might say the addition of a carry in and carry out input and output is entirely unnecessary, but trust me, but trust me, it's not.

 Now to make a 256 bit adder.

 p.s. This thing is so unnecessarily big, it actually overflows the integer limit of it's universe (i.e. my computer). It's literally breaking space-time!

Created: Dec 01, 2018

Updated: Apr 05, 2021


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