16-Bit Computer V1.5 (23 Instructions!)
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Author: Satvik Ramaprasad

Forked from: Dustin Harris/16-Bit Computer

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Everything is working great in this build! Well except single pixel drawing on GPU but more on that later.I included a Hello World program and a screen clear test program running by default.But I would love to see what programs people can come up with. So definitely fork this and make your own programs for it, and link them in the comments below!Also I am working on adding more instructions for the cpu and the gpu, let me know what might be useful in the comments and definitely check my in progress updates below!I am running into an issue with per pixel drawing giving a contention error which doesn't make sense as i have tested the chip. unless the rgb screen col and row pins are also outputs i don't get what is going on.For now though i'm taking a break from that and I will work on the next following instructions.add copy from address a to address b, at address space as c,  using a, b, and c registersadd PROC instruction which stores current address + 1 in it's own stack, jumps to new address, and returns to the address on EPROC instruction.

Created: Feb 29, 2020

Updated: Apr 05, 2021

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