16-Bit Computer V1.5 (23 Instructions!)
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Author: Satvik Ramaprasad

Forked from: Dustin Harris/16-Bit Computer

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Everything is working great in this build! Well except single pixel drawing on GPU but more on that later.
I included a Hello World program and a screen clear test program running by default.But I would love to see what programs people can come up with. So definitely fork this and make your own programs for it, and link them in the comments below!

Also I am working on adding more instructions for the cpu and the gpu, let me know what might be useful in the comments and definitely check my in progress updates below!

I am running into an issue with per pixel drawing giving a contention error which doesn't make sense as i have tested the chip. unless the rgb screen col and row pins are also outputs i don't get what is going on.

For now though i'm taking a break from that and I will work on the next following instructions.
add copy from address a to address b, at address space as c,  using a, b, and c registersadd PROC instruction which stores current address + 1 in it's own stack, jumps to new address, and returns to the address on EPROC instruction.

Created: Feb 29, 2020

Updated: Apr 05, 2021


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