NOR Gate Rotating Drum Lookup Table
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Author: Edward Vogel

Forked from: Satvik Ramaprasad/Asynchronous Counter

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Using Satvik's Async Counter to sequence the Address Bus I added:
1. ROM
2. Four User Inputs
3. Comparator to Enable ROM Output when User Input and Address match
This emulated a very simple rotating drum memory system such as those that preceded the IBM 650
This project's aim is to make a user selectable two input logic gate:
1. User Input Bits 0 and 1 are the gate inputs
2. User Input Bits 2  and 3 select the logic function:
    a. 00 OR
    b. 01 AND
    c. 10 XOR
    d. 11 XNOR
3. Output of the selected logic gate is Bit 0 of the ROM Output

Next steps:
1. Write a compiler for the four logic gates described above in Python. I will use Codeskulptor:

2. Build a physical model of this circuit similar to this educational computer project from the 1960s:
"How to Build a Working Digital Computer… out of paperclips"
This time use integrated logic circuits instead of user manual operation and of course keep building on computation principles and  improving the compiler.   

Created: Aug 31, 2018

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

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