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Author: Sriram G

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I have implemented a traffic light controller for an intersection of 2 busy roads, A and B. The light is controlled based on the traffic sensed by the sensor (sensor output Ta and Tb) on each roads.


Traffic Light Controller has been implemented using Mealy FSM of 4 states. Binary Encoding has been used to describe the states.

State 1: A: Green B:Red

State 2: A:Yellow B:Red

State 3: A: Red B:Green

State 4:A:Red B:Yellow

Timer: A timing feature has been added to the normal traffic light controller. This has been implemented using binary counters (feature in CircuitVerse). The timer avoids single lane traffic flow for  a prolonged period  of time and thus distributes flow between the 2 roads.

Clock time period: 5 seconds

Timer Limit for changing flow: 30 seconds

Burst: To make the project realistic, a burst mode has  been used. Here the inputs A and B are bursts of traffic flow.

Random burst outputs are generated and used.

Light Display:

Using the Square RGB led light, the signals are coloured.

Launch the simulator and experience project…

Thank you 

Sriram G




Created: Mar 17, 2019

Updated: Jun 30, 2023


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