4 Bit Parallel Adder
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Author: Vaibhav Mishra

Forked from: Sahir Ahmed/4 Bit Parallel Adder

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In the preceding section, we discussed how two binary bits can be added and the addition of two binary bits with a carry. In practical situations it is required to add two data each containing more than one bit. Two binary numbers each of n bits can be added by means of a full adder circuit. Consider the example that two 4-bit binary numbers B 4321 and A 4321 are to be added with a carry input C 1. This can be done by cascading four full adder circuits as shown in Figure 5.48. The least significant bits A 1, B 1, and C 1 are added to the produce sum output S 1 and carry output C 2. Carry output C 2 is then added to the next significant bits A 2 and B 2 producing sum output S 2 and carry output C 3. C 3 is then added to A 3 and B 3 and so on. Thus finally producing the four-bit sum output S 4321 and final carry output Cout. Such type of four-bit binary adder is commercially available in an IC package.

Created: Jan 23, 2024

Updated: Jan 23, 2024


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