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Author: Lester Sharma

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Half adder is the simplest of all adder circuits. Half adder is a combinational arithmetic circuit that adds two numbers and produces a sum bit (s) and carry bit (c) both as output. The addition of 2 bits is done using a combination circuit called a Half adder. The input variables are augend and addend bits and output variables are sum & carry bits. A and B are the two input bits.

Here we need to make a half adder on simulator by using gate ie.  XOR gate and 2 NAND gate after that we need to check whether it is right or not by giving input 0 or 1 . As we have already made a truth table for it in order to check and match whether the circuit is connected or working properly or not. 



Created: Jan 03, 2023

Updated: Aug 27, 2023


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