Computer 1.1
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Author: Just Wrong

Forked from: Matthew Sigwa/Computer 1.1

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Series briefing: OK, I thought that 'If computers are basically just a bunch of circuits communicating with each other, and CircuitVerse can simulate circuits, then why not try to simulate a computer?' So, I began my mission to build a simulated computer out of simulated circuits.

Description of Project: This is my second computer in my mission to simulate a computer in the manner stated above. This computer is much better than Computer 1.0. It is because I added the ability to do multiplication, and much bigger numbers (it can now handle numbers up to 255 in decimal). 

How to use: To begin, ensure that the 'Main' circuit is selected. After that you will see multiple HexDisplay elements. They display the numbers of the calculation, along with the operator. To operate the computer, input the first and second numbers in the labeled inputs. Then, click on the button under the first input to toggle between addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Experiment with the button, controls and watch the results.

Please read displays in Hexadecimal.

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and please, also give me a comment on how this could be improved for Computer 1.5 (I am building Computer 1.2 already.)

Created: Aug 21, 2022

Updated: Aug 21, 2022


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