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Author : Kadaru Jashwanth Reddy

Project access type : Public

Description :

Last 3 Digits Of My Roll No.                          :                  0    |     7   |    6 
Individual Digit Binary Representation          :               0000|  0111 |  0110 

  1. 07610  =10011002
  2. 07610=0x4C16

->At the TOP there are 3 *(4-Bit input boxes) for the last 3 digits. Each digit is to be inputted in Binary format with a Bit-Length = 4 Bits.

->On the Right side of the circuit there is an Enabler present. Click on it to switch the Circuit ON(1) or OFF(0).

->The 3-Checker Circuits, Check if the last 3-digits of the Roll No. are entered properly. Each of them have a separate LED to Display Red if input is Incorrect.

->The Digit-Displayers convert the 4-Bit input to an 7-Bit output and feeds it to the 7 segment Display.

The Circiut displays 0 7 6 only if the Enabler is switched on and the given input is Correct. If Enabler is switched OFF, the circuit will Stop and LEDs will not Display anything.

If the Circuit is ON but the input given is incorrect, then the 7-seg LEDs Display All Zeroes. (0 0 0).And also the REDLEDs glow representing which digits were entered incorrectly. 

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