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Use a different color wire for open outputs

Created by PRL • 2 years ago
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On  Jul 27, 2021

Since you support a Buffer gate with tri-state outputs (0, 1 and open), it would be useful to use a different color wire when it’s output is open. Currently it uses dark green (the same as a 0 output) when the buffer’s output is open.

In the case where the outputs of multiple buffers are tied together, the wire path would be light or dark green to reflect the output of the enabled buffer, or the “open” color (blue?) if all out the buffers’ outputs are open. (CircuitVerse nicely displays an error if more than one of the buffers are enabled).

To show the value of a buffer’s output, you could show “0”, “1” or “-“ (open). For example, a disabled 1-bit buffer (open output) would show the value “-“, while a disabled 4-bit buffer (all outputs open) would show the value “- - - -“. This would make it especially useful when working with tri-state n-bit buses, as the bus’s input value would show all “-“ when the bus’s inputs were all open.


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