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Is there a way to use CircuitVerse on a portable device (touch screen)?

Created by PRL • 2 years ago
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On  Jul 27, 2021

This may have been asked before…

I want to use CircuitVerse on my iPad. I’m able to select elements and drop them onto the grid, but so far I can’t figure out how to do any of the “drag and drop” features, like connecting inputs and output together, or moving an element around on the grid. That essentially means CircuitVerse is a no go for any portable device with a touch screen (no mouse).

Am I missing something here? It seems the real value of CircuitVerse is that it’s web browser based, which means it should be able to run on any kind of PC or portable device (anything with a web browser).


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James Smythe

On  May 05, 2022

It works pretty well with a bluetooth mouse, and only minor inconveniences: Copy and paste are finicky, sometimes double clicking will turn the page blue, as if all the text were selected. Both of these are pretty easy to work around. Make sure though that you get a bluetooth mouse though, and not a wireless mouse with a USB receiver, or you'll have to buy $40 adapter from apple to get it to work.

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