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Is the a bidirectional connection?

Created by Cupid Stunt • 2 years ago
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Cupid Stunt

On  Jun 17, 2021

I'm trying to simulate a specific ram chip, but it uses bidirectional data pins. So far as I can tell there are input and output pins, but no way to combine them.

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On  Jul 27, 2021

You can use two Buffer gates and a NOT gate to create a 1-bit bi-directional buffer gate.

See the datasheet for a 74HC245 (8-bit transceiver) IC for more details.

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On  May 22, 2022

I've tried using the strategy in the 74HC245 datasheet it didn't work, it throws "Contention error 0 and 1" still. Making it impossible to build the circuit I wanted :(

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Ruturaj Mohite

On  Aug 20, 2022

Sorry, we don't support bidirectional pins at the moment. Because of the way buffer elements are resolved in the circuit, it is not possible to create a bi-directional buffer gate either.

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