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How do I reuse a made by me circuit in a new circuit page?

General • Asked 1 month ago by Fabio

Fabio Commented on Oct 21, 2022:

I am creating gates and adders. I have created a half-adder and I can see it in the tab on the top. Now I would like to reuse it on a new circuit so that I can create a full-adder without having to draw it all. Is that possible?

Haidar Almubarak Commented on Nov 03, 2022:

You can copy the circuit diagram.
First, you need to select the entire circuit by pressing CTRL+A on the keyboard or pressing the shift key and selecting the circuit component using the mouse.
Then right-click any part of the circuit and select copy from the drop-down menu.
In the new circuit, right-click and select past