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Error when there is 'voltage' at the output of a gate.

General • Asked 5 months ago by Merlin Hof

Gravatar Merlin Hof Commented on Mar 04, 2021:

When I have a gate or an output pin in a sub circuit and there comes an active wire from other logic to the output of that gate or an output port of a sub circuit, there is an error which says 'Contention Error, 1 and 0 at AndGate in Main'. It prevents me from building a bus with several registers as no of the outputs can be connected to each other. As a fix I would recommend a diode 'Gate', which only lets current flow in one direction, or just the removal of that error message. In reality nothing happens when you apply voltage to the output of a logic gate, but in this simulation it stops and won't simulate any further.

Gravatar Jorge Eduardo Ibarra Esquer Commented on Mar 08, 2021:

If you want to create a bus you should use a Splitter (look for it in the Misc section). If what you are trying to do is to join several outputs together then you may try using 3-state buffers.